I’m Sudenur Yurdagul. I arrived in Istanbul on April 21, 2003. We are a family of five. He studied high school in technology high school because of my father’s software.

There, I received training in line with software and approvals. I made a plan of plans with the advances. Due to this trend, I came 2nd in the Female Leaders of the Microsoft Turkey speech from Women. Today, I will come, Amazon in the innovation competition. I participated in the “Journey to Yap Olmak” by Murat Avcı, the head of TÜGİM. My project for the congress designs. Hackathonk in partnership with Microsoft and Habitat. This Hackathon, a product order, took 48 hours and the finale was discussed at Microsoft. For preparation preparation, I am still in my senior year of high school and I am preparing for the university exam. I want to study management informatics at university.

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