“I gained the support of my family by breaking my rib,” said the 18-year-old young athlete, who made special statements before the races.

18-year-old Sudenur Yurdagül, who was the Turkey women’s champion in the karting senior category last year, competed in Kocaeli in the first leg of the 2022 races. Stating that she wanted to put on the first championship in her first race, the young athlete expressed that she worked very hard.

Saying that one of their goals is to compete in Europe, Yurdagül stated that she wanted to become a champion not only in women but also in general and to show that girls can do this sport as well.

Sudenur Yurdagül, who also told the story of the start of karting, underlined that she did not give up the fight despite breaking her rib 2 weeks before the race in her first championship.

Yurdagül said that when she first started motorsports, her family had fears.

The young athlete stated that her family saw the passion in her and started to give full support when she did not give up the fight despite her broken rib and participated in the competitions.

Sudenur Yurdagül, Kocaeli’deki yarışmalardan önce pek çok özel açıklamada bulundu.

Explaining how his passion for motor sports started, Sudenur Yurdagül said, “My father bought me a battery car at a very young age. As I drove that battery powered car, my love for cars increased.”

“As I got older, I discovered Formula 1 and started watching it. I realized that I love motorsports a lot.”

“No one in my family likes motorsports either. In fact, they were very welcome, they were very afraid of accidents and troubles. Then I rebelled in 2020, I said I would start this sport.”

“I received a 10-class training. When I said that I would race after the training, my family said, “Okay, race, you’ll get bored anyway, we’ll stop in the middle of the season”. Two weeks before the race, I broke my rib. When she started racing with a broken rib, they supported her by saying, “Okay, so you like this job.”